Used Machines

Orizio Open IH 2.jpg
Orizio (JH) - Orizio

Year:2000, Cylinder:, Dia:32", Guage:28, Feeds:96, Needles:0

Orizio dia 36 18ga  72feeds 007.jpg
Orizio (CMOAN) - Orizio

Year:1999, Cylinder:, Dia:36", Guage:18, Feeds:72, Needles:0

Image not available
Mayer (Inovit 2.0 II) - Mayer

Year:2000, Cylinder:, Dia:38", Guage:18, Feeds:78, Needles:0

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Other Available Products

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Range of Products

Creels, Feeders, Transformations, Elastic feeding kits, Pumps, Cylinders, Needles, Belts and photocells.
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